The most beautiful dive sites in La Palma


Here only an overview of the most beautiful dive sites of the island, most of the local dive centers are served. The northeastern sites are only from the La Palma Diving Center approached.

The diving centers all use the same dive sites, there are real insider knowledge on how such a small island of La Palma, even if the courts are always new names given, but there remain the old places .

Forget about the choice of dive sites not you make the day trips are usually 2 dives and in the meantime in the sun and wind, unless you have to go to Puerto Naos and Los Cancajos. There you can get the same entry with the two beach dive, because you can spend the break at the base.

Here is a brief overview, you trust the on-site consultation, often, access is extremely weather dependent;

East - Los Cancajos - Flufhafen - La Salemera

The east side is not necessarily the better weather side, but clearly has the most diverse and beautiful dive sites.

Protected by a breakwater to lagoon - depending on the tide - 8 m depth with a sandy beach ideal for training and refresher. Outside many beautiful dive sites, cliff, airplane wings, fireplace, Canyon and much more. The by far most diverse spot on the island.

To use in almost any weather, as the large, even in strong east wind Wellenbrechet allow for more advanced students an introduction. A special highlight - the cave chapel next to the beach, 70 m deep with a big climb at the end in a bubble.

West - Puerto Naos, La Bombilla

The west side is seen as a diver is not necessarily the place for many varied dive, but you can - and sometimes must - continue.

Several boarding from the beach of Puerto Naos, sand, lava rocks, cliffs, slopes and canjon. The beach is always good for a few dives.

In winter, layers are often not accessible due west.

La Bombilla
the next bay 5 minutes north of Puerto Naos. Entry and exit point is always the web, which is currently being demolished, so no access

South - Los Canarios - Fuencaliente

a manageable number of dive sites, because the Marine Reserve has taken us into places, but this are some spectacular here.

The southern tip is the geologically youngest part of La Palma. Here meet together east and west side, is therefore to be expected with occasional strong currents - listen to your guide!

Malpique / Faro
A really impressive site with steep walls, a small Blue Hole and an impressive pinnacle - not to mention the " underwater graveyard . "