Diving on La Palma - Diving off the beaten track

Diving on the canarian island - Isla Bonita - La Palma is not compareable to your experience to Agypt and other tropical destinations.You dive in the subtropical Atlantic, that means diving in a impressive underwater world with vulcanic genesis. You  dive next to bizzare steep faces, canyons, lava arches, gaps and grottos and enjoy the pure water with mostly great visual range, thougt it is not as multicolored as in tropical estuary.

The water temperature is approximately 20° in winter and up to 26° in summer. This is not very cold, but not so warm to disclaim on wetsuit. We recommend in summer 5 and in winter quite 7mm neopren.

Start the really beautiful diving on La Palma with the right expectations, and a really good holiday will be guaranteed (this also applies to family members who do not dive).

Normally you dive - provided that you choose the right course and diveshop - in very small groups and at appointed diving places. With a little luck and at the right time you dive alone with the guide. On request you will get a guarantee by my diving-escort.

Particularly convenient are the dives from the beaches of Cancajos and Puerto Naos, where you can march with your equipment directly from the diveshop into the water, after the first dive change clothes, drink coffee and in the afternoon comfortably again into the water.

For an assessment of current diving conditions (tide calendar download) you need information about the tides and the current and expected wave directions (look at Wind Forcast - wave direction).