What connections do I need ... ?

What I see big fish ... ?

Which suit need ... ?

When is the best time?

Medical certificate


The best dive sites

What connections do I need for my regulator?

Regardless DIN or INT are both ok. You need to bring any adapters. Part of the service while diving and all diving centers. DIN is now to be more widespread.

What I'm seeing big fish while diving?

Everyone who says you can see every now and again raises false expectations Mantas. The waters around La Palma are being fished, a protection zone is established. A little luck is part of the big fish always result in a couple of dives but should always groupers, stingrays, and mackerel to be there. The lives of the stunning diving underwater landscape, the details and the occasional large fish.

What do I need for diving suit?

In summer, a 5 mm will be enough one-or two-piece, over the winter may not harm a 7 mm (including semi-dry), if you often want to snorkel or dive further.

When is the best time for diving's?

Always! The water is warmest in September / October, at the quietest (shaft), it is on the east side over the winter, then it will be on the west side is very uncomfortable. But basically the whole year is suitable for diving. Every good dive shop on La Palma goes anyway depending on the weather best dive sites.

Air and water temperature here!

Medical certificate medical certificate

Do you need to dive, it is valid for 2 years, at a pinch you can make on the spot, but it costs money and time, so please bring a better form download here !


Do you need to dive too, for diving accidents and diving liability . So either bring or contract on the spot.

The best dive sites

No one can call you with certainty, because all your spots you can have spectacular experiences. Every claim in this regard is advertising for their own base. Just take a look at the overview and asks specifically for the dive of your choice then. Ensures that you can make beach dives from the base